03-11-2021 - John Scott | Matthew 6:25

Throughout the bible we are exhorted again and again to trust in the Lord. We are warned against trusting in princes, in riches, or in ourselves; for all such trust is vain. Trusting in the Lord is represented as being safe and blessed, and as producing very desirable results. To trust in Go, calls for the believer to turn all one’s concerns over to the author and finisher of our faith.

In our chosen text, Jesus is drawing from his famous Sermon on the Mount. Here, in this sermon, Jesus is reminding and encouraging his listeners to not get so caught up in the concerns of the world that you forget who God is in your life. All of us have something that we concerned or worried about; however, Jesus reminds us through this verse that God, got this.

To God be the glory!!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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