03-09-2021 - John Scott | Romans 8:31

When I got married and became a parent, my financial advisor told me that I needed Life Insurance. Life Insurance is a policy that insures your life in case something happens. The purpose is to take care of those who you leave behind. It not only insures but assures that everything will be taken care of financially for your family or loved ones.

Well, I understand that I need not only insurance, but some assurance for my life now. Where one starts when you die, I need something for while I am living. Paul points out in the book of Romans that when God is for you who can be against you. This statement is a declaration for the believer that God is not only your Insurance, but your assurance that everything will be alright. When we join Godís army, we are assured that He will stand for us in any situation. That is the kind of assurance I like.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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