01-26-2021 - John Scott | 2 Corinthians 12:8-9

When I was younger, I felt the need from time to time to brag on my capabilities and strength. Never in a thousand years would I brag about my weaknesses. I always felt that weaknesses were something you just did not talk about. However, since I`ve come to know the Lord, I now realize that God can get the glory out of what I am incapable of doing in my own strength.

This is what Paul was sharing with us in this text. Paul was struggling with some form of ailment or pain. The scriptures do not fully tell us what it is. Yet, Paul discovers that what has been sustaining him all this time was not his strength, but the grace of God. Godís power was magnified in his weakness. This is a wonderful lesson for us. For, Grace is defined not by what we can do in our own power, but by what God can do through us in His power.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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