09-15-2020 - John Scott | 2 Corinthians 9:

I used to watch court room TV shows often. One of the words that would be used prominently on these shows was the word "premeditated." The word is often used when some person or persons choose to murder someone. Premeditated is defined as an action taken by someone that they were neither compelled, influenced, manipulated or forced to do, but they wanted to do it.

Paul, sharing to the Church of Corinth, talks about having a premeditated spirit when it comes to pleasing God. In this particular verse, Paul is talking about giving; however, the theme of this text speaks to more than just giving. The theme of this text speaks to the person making sure that what he does for the Lord is what he wants to do versus being forced to do it. If I love you, you donít have to make me do things for you. Letís all strive to be PREMEDITATED in what we do for the Lord.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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