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Make up your mind

08-25-2020 - John Scott | Joshua 24:15

One of the many things I have discovered in life is that if you enter a situation unsure or indecisive, you liable to encounter some major issues. In our biblical text, Joshua reminds Godís people of the importance of not making the same mistakes their ancestors made. In other words, Joshua was challenging the people to make up their minds relative to serving or not serving God. Joshua made up his mind and wanted his people to do the same.

I believe Joshua realized that taking a stand for the Lord was the most important thing to him. Joshua understood that standing for and following God was the most important thing in his life. God needs followers who will never fold, waver, run away or run out on Him. If God never wavered on His love for us, surely we can do the same for Him.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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