06-23-2020 - John Scott | 2 Corinthians 13:11

I remember many years ago being ordained in the CME Church. During my Ordination service, the Bishop laid his hand on the top of my Head and consecrated me for the service of ministry. When I got up to stand before him, he gave me a Certificate bearing my name and the Orders I was to receive in the Church. As he gave me my certificate, he would share with me several words that I still remember today and try to live up to. He stated, “this is a certificate of Ordination, bearing your name and my name with the Seal of the Church. Don’t stain it with your life.” Since I heard those words, I have dedicated my life to God, making sure I don’t stain the Call and Charge God has placed on my life.

As men of God, it is important that we live a life that is living proof of who and what we believe in. When we become the living proof of what God has called us to be, we become the evidence to others that God can and will do the impossible in your life.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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