06-11-2020 - John Scott | Ephesians 4:3

One of my favorite games or competitions was the game called Tug of War. In this game, several individuals form a team on opposite sides of a rope. In the middle of the rope is a long piece of cloth. The object of the game is pull the cloth to your side. The game can last from five minutes to an Ĺ an hour, depending to the tenacity and strength of the competitors. The great thing about this game is that it is a team competition. Everyone relies on each other to win the game.

This is the premise behind our chosen text. Paul was reminding the Church in Ephesus to maintain their faith and obedience to God by maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the church by any means necessary. Paul realized that the threat of outside forces was always at play against those who believed in God and Jesus Christ. Therefore, it was imperative that Godís chosen people not allow those forces to tear apart the church. If you were in a tug of war with the world, who would win? I pray Godís chosen people will be victorious.

To God be the glory!!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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