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#BeMore - Gracious

11-06-2019 - John Scott | Colossians 4:6

When I was younger, so many people were concerned that I didnít want children. At the time, I didnít have any interest in the idea of parenthood. Mostly, I wasnít patient. Patience is a quality you must possess in order to be a good parent. As some of you parents know all too well, it takes a tremendous commitment to be a great parent. Itís like being a 7-11, you need to be open and available 24-7; all the time.

I truly never thought I was going to be patient enough. Anger or frustration were my responses when things didnít work as expected. Fortunately, I did have a good example. My mother was as patient as they come (until I did something stupid!) I was so blessed to have a mother who was amazing. She was a source of strength, comfort and support. Her words were kind and encouraging.

SoÖIím left with this question...What kind of parent do you want to be? The scriptures give us guidance on some of the keys to parenthood. Colossians tells us in 4:6 20 ďLet your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.Ē What you SAY as a parent has a significant influence on your children. Our words need to be full of patience, kindness and love. The power of life and death is in the tongue and you can commit spiritual suicide killing your own dreams speaking out of turn and with thinking. Sow good things into your life and situations. Have a moment if you need to but don`t get comfortable in the valley when simply looking up the mountain will open a gateway to sunshine and contentment.

Be More gracious this year ... by putting a filter on your words. When it comes to your children, drop any negative or pessimistic talk. Use only those words that inspire, encourage and build up your children. Never use words to destroy. Don`t kill your future blessings and destiny with your words!

God Bless
J. W. Lee
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