10-15-2019 - John Scott | 1 Samuel 16:1

Sometimes in life, we can hold on to somethings too long. We wake up in the morning with the hope that it will turn around; however, nothing ever seems to change. This was the case with Samuel in our text. Samuel was distraught about Saul not rising to the occasion as King. As a result, God decided to replace him. Realizing Saul is distraught about the situation, God basically orders Samuel to go and anoint the next King. In other words, he was telling Samuel to move on.

Sometimes in life, we can spend too much time crying over situations when God is telling us to move on. It is in the moving on that we find Godís blessings at the end of the journey. If you find yourself distraught over a situation far too long, then I want to encourage you to move and see what God has in store for you.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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