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Resurrection Power

04-01-2021 - John Scott | Luke 24:5-6

The story of Jesus’ Resurrection is talked about in all four Gospels. However, Luke’s take on the story has an interesting message. For Luke makes a profound statement in his story. The Angels in his story ask the women why do you seek the living among the dead? This question was not one where they did not know the answer, but one of why people would, who also knew the answer, be looking for him. As a follower and believer of Christ, you should have known that he has risen from the grave. His rising validates the power of God to do the impossible. Whenever you find yourself in dead situations, know that God has the power to resurrect your life, so that you can live with purpose, power, and possibility.

Remember the sacrifice and LOVE of the gift of Christ on this Good Friday!
To God be the Glory!!!

Pastor Curlee Adams

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