08-22-2023 - John Scott | Psalms 77:1-2

In life, we find ourselves in circumstances that alter our perception of God. Pain, discomfort, issues, and trials many times change our perspective of God. It is in those moments we are broken and humbled. However, God works best in broken situations. In our text, the Psalmist was crying out to God amid suffering. Reading the verses, you would think that the person was never comforted. However, if you read further in Psalm 77, you will find that the person reassured him or herself by virtue of remembering what God had done in the past. Many times, in life, we may find ourselves broken by life circumstances, but God reminds us in His word that he will never leave us or forsake us. God never promised us we would be free from issues, but He did promise us that he would be there with us.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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