05-18-2023 - John Scott | 2 Timothy 2:21

As a little child, I use to get into all kinds of stuff. Many times, I would come home, my mom would ask where I been. I would always say I was outside playing. She would respond by saying, boy you look like you been playing in the dirt all day. Go and take a Bath. As much as it irritated me to hear that from my mother, I obeyed took my Bath. As I got older, I understood the importance of taking Baths on a daily basis. As we go through our day, germs, dirt and all kinds of other things attach themselves to us. Therefore, it is important to cleanse oneself of all that mess. Well, this is what Paul is sharing with Timothy in our text. If you don’t rid yourself of the unholiness of this world, you will be useless to God. Are you striving to be a Holy Vessel? I pray that you are. God needs Holy people working for Him.

To God be the Glory!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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