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Separation Issues

05-31-2022 - John Scott | Romans 8:38-39

Have you ever been separated from something? Family, friends, associates or familiar places. Today, many of us have either been separated from those we love because of Covid 19 or separated from places we love to attend, such as church or family gatherings. The inability to be around those you love and fellowship with can create a variety of emotions. One of the emotions that often comes to the surface is that of fear. Will you ever be able to do those things again or be around those you love. Not knowing if that will ever happen again, can flood your spirit with a variety emotions. Yet, Paul in our chosen text that no matter where we find ourselves, we are never separated from God. God?s Love is not limited to location or situation. God?s Love sticks to us closer than anything else. I thank God that I am never separated from Him.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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