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Liberation Worship

04-28-2022 - John Scott | Acts 16:25

Many times, when we talk about Worship, we look at it from a personal point of view. Although God calls for us to have a personal relationship with Him that is imbedded in our daily Worship for him, it is important to know that your worship can help free other to praise and worship God. In the book Acts, there is a story recorded regarding the incarceration of Paul and Silas. While in Prison, Paul and Silas begin worshipping and praising God. It is noted in the story that something happen in the prison and physical chains were loosened. Those who were ordered to guard them, were amazed by what took place and gave their life to Christ. Men of God, recognize that your worship of God can help free others from the bondage of Sin.

To God be the Glory!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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