01-11-2022 - John Scott | Psalms 139:1-2

I like going to restaurants. Restaurants are places you go to eat. What makes these places special, is the fact that you can order what you like, and they will make it for you just like you asked. The only drawback is that you have to tell them. Wouldn?t it be nice to be able to walk in a restaurant, sit down and receive what you want without having to ask or tell someone? Well, we may not see this take place in a restaurant; however, there is someone who knows us all too well. God knows everything about us. The good news is that God knows what we need and what we want. God has examined us and is more than capable to address all of our concerns. As you go about your day draw inspiration and hope in knowing that God knows everything about you and is capable of addressing all your concerns even before you ask.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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