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Everybody is Somebody

11-04-2021 - John Scott | Acts 2:17

Recently, I saw on Facebook a church?s refusal to accept their newly appointed pastor, due to the fact, she is female. I found this troubling on so many levels. Yet, I also found it to be an opportunity for us as men to dispel the myth that women can only be relegated to certain roles in the church. The danger for us in allowing things like this to happen is to become partners in the perpetuation of the same prejudice, discrimination and neglect that we as men, particularly Black men, have experienced all of our lives. Not only is this morally improper, but also biblically out of order.

In the verse mentioned, Peter is preaching to a crowd of both men and women. He would preach and share the words the Prophet Joel shared many, many, many years ago. This sermon would be the inaugural sermon that would birth the Christian Church as we know it today. Clearly, Peter shares that the Holy Spirit would come down and fall on both men and women for the glory of God and God?s Church. Hallelujah!! Let us create a beloved community where everybody is somebody and watch the Spirit of God show up in both men and women.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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