11-02-2021 - John Scott | John 21:15-17

When I go out, the restaurants I truly love are those that allow you to eat as much as you want for one price. Whether you pay twenty dollars or thirty dollars, you can have all you want. Not only are you not restricted from the variety of the food offered, but you are also not restricted by the amount of food you eat. In many cases, it gives you the freedom to go back for seconds, thirds and fourths.

In our chosen text, Peter is asked by Jesus about the love Peter has for Jesus. Peter responds in the affirmative, ?You know I love you.? Yet, Jesus would ask him the question again and again. Every time Peter responded in the affirmative, Jesus would tell him to ?Feed My Sheep.? Jesus response to Peter was less about him finding out whether Peter loved him. It was more about Peter demonstrating that love by feeding God?s people the Gospel each and every day. Peter, was charged to start a feeding frenzy, by making sure God?s people are fed always. Thank you Lord for feeding me your Word each and every day.

To God be the Glory!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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