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Do you see what I see?

10-05-2021 - John Scott | Numbers 13:30-32

One thing that is certain in this lifetime is that individuals will have different perspectives on a situation or matter. Perspective is defined as having a certain point of view. Well, this certainly was the case in our chosen text today. Moses had sent out several men to spy out the land for conquest. This would be the land promised to them through Abraham. Out of the twelve that went, ten came back with one report, while Caleb came back with another. How can one person see something totally different than the others? I believe it rest in Caleb’s perspective. The others saw impossibility, but Caleb saw possibility. I am convinced that his perspective did not rest on what he saw, but what he knew about his God. God is capable of helping us to overcome any obstacle or challenge we face. We just need to change our perspective to God’s perspective.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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