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#BeMore - Limitless

10-27-2021 - John Scott | 1 Samuel 16:10-13

Do you remember those times growing up when we played kickball or football in the street? For those of us who weren’t athletically gifted (I pretend to be), we were sometimes picked last. We were looked over or thought to be less than because we didn’t have all the glitz and glam like some others. For those who have often been looked over or down upon, there is a tendency to develop insecurities. You wonder if you’ll ever be good enough to find love. You contemplate changing careers because you haven’t been promoted.

Here’s the thing, you are enough! It’s not just me telling you that, it’s God! You don’t have to diminish who you are or despise what may seem like small beginnings. God can use you to slay giants or assume a leadership position that many may say you’re not qualified for. Many thought David shouldn’t have been anointed to be king. Some say he didn’t look the part and that he wasn’t qualified, yet God called him to #BeMore than the limitations that people placed on him. That’s the challenge for you to, are you willing to #BeMore than what the doubters claimed you to be! In this season of your life, God is calling you to live beyond the limitations! There’s more of you that not only you need to experience, but that the world needs to know!

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