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#BeMore - Live More

10-06-2021 - John Scott | Job 42:10-12

When we all hear of the story of Job there are two major themes we think of traditionally. First, we think about how the Lord let Satan terrorize Job. Satan took Job’s, children, his economic stability, even his health. Second, when we hear the story of Job preached, we hear the preacher jump to the conclusion of the book, where the Lord restores it all. What if I told you, that there was a middle portion of this book where Job is dealing with grief, struggling with suicidal thoughts, and wanting to give up on life.

How many of you have felt this way? On this first Wednesday of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there may be some who are survivors or surviving this thing called cancer. Also, we all still find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, which has taken the lives of thousands upon thousands of Black and brown people. Many have been dealt the blow of unemployment, pending eviction notices, and even lack of nutrition. This would cause anybody to want to lose their mind, or even have harmful thoughts.

Today, I want to encourage you to not only #BeMore, but #LiveMore! If you’re reading this, that lets me know that you have breath in your body. So, guess what?! There’s still time for you to LIVE! I challenge you today to live your BEST LIFE! Like the Bible says, though Job was hit with grief, loss, and unexpected health challenges, the Lord restored to him everything he lost, and he lived a full and complete life. Here’s the best part, Job received more than what he lost! And that my friends is the good news. When you feel like you’ve lost it all and it feels like life is passing you by, get on up and #LiveMore! The hymn writer penned these words, “And life is worth the living, just because He lives.” #LiveMore and #BeMore today!

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