09-30-2021 - John Scott | Isaiah 46:10-11

My wife used to tell me early in our marriage that when a woman makes up her mind to do something, you can pretty much give up trying to stop it. Although I don’t fully agree with this statement, I have yet to find any evidence that prove her wrong. In the book of Isaiah, God is speaking through this prophet to encourage the children of Israel, who were in Babylonian captivity. God wanted His people to know that despite what they were going through, God had made up in His mind the purpose He has for His People and regardless of what they were facing now, God was not to be stopped in fulfilling His purpose for them. This is a message for us today. Whatever God has purposed for your life, know that no man, situation, obstacle or circumstances can stop what God has in store for you.

To God be the glory!!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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