09-28-2021 - John Scott | 1 Timothy 4:7

I have discovered through trial and error that the difference between success and failure is sometimes determined by how committed we are to the goal and purpose we have identified for our lives. In our chosen text, Paul points out what makes a person a good servant of Jesus Christ. It is in the serving of Christ that one finds his purpose. Paul notes that in order to be a good servant of Jesus Christ and fulfill the purpose that God has called for you, one must stay committed to the principles of living that God has called for each and every one of us. God is calling for us to stay away from worldly fables and false teaching that encourages individuals to live a life that is separate from God’s holiness. Don’t be part of the worldly crowd. God is preparing you for something greater. Stay committed to living a life that is pleasing unto God.

Pastor Curlee Adams

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