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Beautiful creation

09-23-2021 - John Scott | Colossians 1:16

As an African-American male growing up in the housing projects of Chicago, I encountered many situations where my value as a person was based on my location, status, color and economic potential. Because of the constant racism I encountered, many times I felt inferior to others. As I got older and began to know God for myself, I discovered that I am a creation of God and that I offer just as much, if not more, than anyone else. This is the message Paul was sharing with the Church in Collose. Because of the supremacy of Christ, who is part of the God Head and author of Creation, we too can celebrate in that fact that our creation has value and is beautiful in the eyes of the creator, which is God. Never let someone classify you as worthless or insignificant. Because God created you, he has purposed you for his glory.

To God be the Glory!
Pastor Curlee Adams

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